12 Months Clean

I turned to Brett in desperation nearly 1 year ago when I could no longer hide or manage my addiction. My life was unravelling, I was close (too close) to losing everything, my job, my home, my life.

Brett was a tower of strength for me. He was both reassuring and honest with me. He gave me clear boundaries and didn’t give me any false hope. He enabled me to work through my problems facing them head on and in order making them less overwhelming. Just been able to offload honestly gave me such relief.

Brett has a great understanding and experience in addiction this gave him the insight to be able to communicate and interact with me on a level that was respectful, professional and caring but also on my level. He guided me through suggested steps and goals. He broke these down into doable sizes. I trust this man with my life and nearly a year later I am still on track with my life in relative order. I still have my job, home friends and family. Brett’s involvement hasn’t ended there he still offers me counselling/coaching sessions and we talk regularly.

Brett’s individual approach taught me that being honest and open with someone you trust is invaluable. I am a better more grounded person since working with him.

If you are lucky enough to be offered counselling/ support with Brett I would grasp it with both hands and trust the process.

I had tried many other approaches before working with Brett. These included medical and psychological support through rehabs and clinics, none of those provided me with the skills and thought processes I needed to be able to live a full productive life. With Brett’s support I finally have some calm and order in my life and for that I cannot thank him enough.


Katie (United Kingdom)