Addiction Interventions

Structured addiction interventions are proven to increase the chances of engaging in a treatment programme for alcohol or substance abuse. These take place in a safe and secure setting where family and friends gather and offer help and support.

Our remote intervention service will educate and offer support to families throughout the process; including how to set boundaries, bottom lines and consequences;  and tools and strategies to help their loved one during this desperate time.

Often the addicted individual is the last person to notice or accept the problems and destruction their addiction is causing to themselves. Those around them particularly, if the individual is in the throes of active addiction, will hurt first. An addicted person’s thinking can be impaired and behaviour unreasonable and irrational.

In many cases the individual is not willing to ask or receive help through conventional methods so an effective solution to this is an intervention.

An addiction intervention is a structured approach in a safe and secure setting where family and friends gather and offer help and support.

In most cases an experienced interventionist works alongside the family to help their loved one by offering an opportunity for professional help and in nearly all cases this would involve them agreeing to go to an inpatient rehab or residential treatment facility.

In order to be effective addiction interventions must have a clear purpose and end-goal.

The cost of hiring an experienced addiction interventionist can range anywhere from 2000 USD per day up to 20,000 USD for a complete package (excluding treatment fees) with no guarantees of success.

A lower cost alternative is our remote intervention services where we coach and support the family throughout all aspects of the step by step process;  and procedure on how best to conduct an intervention in their individual circumstances;  and arrange for admission to primary rehab treatment facility within client’s price budget.

The most common form of intervention used worldwide which we recommend in most cases is the Johnson model which is confrontational as in most cases the individual suffering with addiction is still firmly in denial, and doesn’t think that he or she has a problem.

Our experienced team can help with all stages of the process so you will feel supported every step of the way.

In addition to having an excellent track record and success rate in helping families with addiction interventions we are also part of a worldwide network of other professionals offering this service. So, regardless of where in the world you or your loved one is based, please contact us and we will to do our utmost to help and support you during this difficult time.

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