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Huge increase in recreational cocaine use in Soho Hong Kong creating high demand for Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Counselling Services


Many Hong Kong workers in areas such as Soho, Central and Wan Chai who regularly consume alcohol or take drugs such as cocaine often ask this or similar questions; How do I know if I am addicted or not? Why can other people stop when I keep partying until the following morning?

Some definitions of the term recreational include:

“Activity done for enjoyment when one is not working”

“Something that occurs on an occasional basis for enjoyment”

 “Things people doing their spare time in order to relax”

There are many definitions of addiction the most respected worldwide amongst leading experts and professionals not only just in Hong Kong but worldwide is that of the American Society of Addiction Medicine

 “Addiction is characterized by inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response.”


Any addiction is progressive so whether that be gambling, alcohol or drugs such as cocaine which is the most common abused substance besides alcohol amongst ex pats in Hong Kong all started with being “recreational” a little bit of fun or “something for the weekend”

For many their drug or alcohol use increases over a period of time whether that be drastically over the past few months or even gradually over several years which may even have started well before they took a job in Soho or started working in Hong Kong but the consumption of alcohol or drugs such as cocaine has increased. It is often at this point someone starts questioning themselves or their friends or loved ones as to whether there could be a problem particularly if they are starting to notice more negative costs and consequences in which case the question needs to be asked again

 Is the alcohol or drug use still recreational? Or

Are more and more negative costs or consequences become more frequent the more time you are spending drinking or using drugs “recreationally”?

Common denial patterns include:” Everyone does it”, “It’s a social thing” so before dismissing that a problem doesn’t exist, we suggest you take 3 to 5 minute confidential self-assessment test.

For anyone who suspects problem with alcohol click here

Problems Drinking Alcohol Dependancy

For anyone who suspects problem with cocaine or other drugs click here

Drugs Addictions




Anyone living or working in Hong Kong particularly Soho will have either seen or experienced the drinking and drug culture first hand. Countless bars with alcohol flowing freely at all times of the day and night suggests there is a demand but with this kind of demand a problem can exist that may not be immediately obvious to some individuals and those around them. Many of these white-collar city workers who once frequented these establishments on a regular basis will no longer be seen. Bar staff serving alcohol and even drug dealers working the bars or streets of Hong Kong may assume that these individuals have moved back home. In many cases this assumption is wrong so one can ask the question. If they are not drinking or taking drugs anymore where did they go?

 Anyone living or working in Hong Kong districts like Soho, Mid Levels, Central or Wan Chai extremely fortunate to have a huge recovery support network within the local community. There are daily 12 Step meetings and many counsellors, therapists and addiction professionals in recovery living or working in Soho or nearby districts in Hong Kong such as Mid Levels, Central and Wan Chai attend meetings as part of their own recovery programme.

A full list of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings within easy access to Soho, Hong Kong can be found here

A full list of NA (Narcotics Anonymous)  meetings In Hong Kong near Soho can be found here

Other 12 Step meetings in Hong Kong close to Soho, Mid Levels, Central and Wan Chai include

CA (Cocaine Anonymous):

SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous)

****We at How to Treat Addiction or any other professional organisation are not affiliated to any of the 12 Step group mentioned nor are they affiliated to us. Our reason for mentioning these non-profit support groups is not for any financial gain but as members ourselves to carry the message of recovery to addicts worldwide whose lives have changed as a result of 12 Step fellowships****




As previously mentioned, 12 Step Fellowship meetings offer a great deal of support from other recovering addicts who have personal experience of the terrors of addiction and are now living a life in recovery drug and alcohol free. Besides from 12 Step meetings in Hong Kong it is important to recognise that although they can be a valuable resource, tool and support network they are non-professional and will continue to be.

An alternative or additional support to attending 12 Step groups is local or online counselling services that can be accessed by people not just living or working in Hong Kong in Soho but for anyone looking for confidential non-judgemental help from addiction professionals with direct personal experience.


The first step to overcoming any problem is first admitting it or at least being willing to learn more or accept help around addiction and drug or alcohol problem. Many people in the early stages of recognising their cocaine use for example as problematic may be very nervous or fearful about their boss, co-workers or even family finding out about their drug use particularly if they have made an effort to keep it hidden. Online counselling with an addictions professional who not only has a duty of confidentiality but doesn’t live in Soho or even Hong Kong can often offer extra peace of mind.

How to Treat Addiction offers remote counselling services online 7 days per week across all time zones so whether you are working in or travelling to Hong Kong you can gain access to help and support from experienced alcohol counsellors and addiction therapists with many years’ experience in all types of problems related to substance misuse such as cocaine, meth, heroin and many more.

For more information about online counselling and outpatient addiction services please click the following link

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