Addictions Therapist in Kowloon Hong Kong



When looking for alcohol and drug counselling in Hong Kong, given social stigma fears and concerns around privacy and confidentiality issues within the workplace it can be very daunting asking for help. Finding an addictions therapist within Hong Kong in local areas such as Kowloon can be very difficult. The same goes for finding an alcohol counsellor in Wan Chai or just even finding someone to talk to that that is experienced nonjudgmental and that you can trust.


Some employers may offer health care plans for free counselling or emotional support for stress, anxiety, depression and possibly alcohol counselling. However, many employers are likely to be stricter around drug use particularly if it is at risk of being used in the workplace and so this is where we have found many Hong Kong workers in both Soho and Central have preferred to pay for private counselling with an experienced addictions therapist whom they can share openly and honestly with about their struggles.

Our therapy is not just solely for addiction, regardless of the substance whether that be alcohol or the many kinds of drugs in Hong Kong particularly cocaine is often just the symptom of deeper issues. We look to treat addiction meaning we look to work on the whole person and what drives them to need to find coping mechanisms and also how to work on themselves so they can repair any damage that might have been caused as a result of substance abuse whether this be productivity or financial consequences or problems with relationships; friends, colleagues loved ones. 





Counselling Services in Mid Levels Hong Kong can offer a range of therapy options predominately CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which can be very useful and beneficial for many issues including outpatient treatment for addiction. How to Treat Addiction offers confidential online counselling with experienced addiction therapists for those who may think they may have a problem with addiction whether this is alcohol, drugs or behavioural addictions such as sex, porn, internet, shopping and gambling addiction.


By choosing an addictions therapist in Hong Kong that works online there are many advantages including flexible session times on evenings and weekends, less travel time, increased confidentiality. Another major advantage is the ability to continue working with your regular addictions therapist online whilst travelling as business trips can be a major trigger for relapse.


An addictions therapists specialising in addiction and our counselling team have many years of experience helping clients in Hong Kong and many other cities and countries throughout the world

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