Family Support Programme

An opportunity to participate in a unique and highly beneficial learning experience for those affected by someone suffering from an addiction.




Our Family Support Programme will comprise of a series of confidential online sessions with one of our Addiction Counsellors or Family Therapists –  a much needed support for friends, family and other loved ones.


The person affected by addiction is typically not present during these sessions. Family sessions to include them can be arranged if we believe it to be beneficial and mutually agreed between all parties.


In a digital age there are many addiction help websites and free support groups available for those families affected by addiction seeking help and support.


Many of these are not run by addiction professionals and resources may be limited as often free to use or non-profit agencies will have limited funding available.




Our Family Support Programme For Parents And Relatives affected by alcohol or substance abuse offers help for families to learn more about addiction, essential tools to help their family member in both choosing the most appropriate type of treatment and how to best support them in their recovery and also how to recover themselves.


Addiction education counselling online and tailored family programmes are available with confidential individual counselling by Skype and group therapy online with other families affected by addiction.


Most parents or family members will at some point blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction with feelings of guilt, shame, regret and often experiencing helplessness coupled with feeling completely alone with nowhere to turn. This is normal and part of the recovery process is to learn to let go of these feelings.


Through professional support with experienced family addiction therapists and the ability to identify with other families in a supportive environment the healing process can begin such as:


●     Effective Ways To Help Family Member Affected By Addiction

●     Help For Addiction And How To Choose The Best And Most Appropriate Treatment


Our Family Support Programme is proven to provide highly effective education and coping strategies for family members affected by their loved one’s addiction. Wanting to give the right love and support to their loved one before, during and after treatment is normal and necessary; we will help demonstrate how that looks in recovery.




  • The Mechanics of Addiction: Powerlessness, Unmanageability, Denial & Addictive Behaviours
  • Codependency and Boundaries: How to re-establish healthy relationships. Enabling versus support. How to set boundaries and consequences with your loved one.
  • Relapse prevention: Arrested relapse & continuing care
  • The Dynamics of the Family System: Family roles, childhood development, steps to solidify the family unit
  • Recovery planning & Introduction to ongoing support: CBT, 12 Steps and SMART Recovery
  • Self-Care: Stress, emotional well being, negative emotions, anger, blame, resentments and forgiveness
  • Cross Addictions: Internet/Social media,
  • Real life case studies: Personal experiences from those in recovery from addiction. personal journeys followed by Q and A



Kind words from a loving parent affected by his daughter’s addiction

“It is with great confidence that I write in support of Brett Thornton.In the 18 months I have known Brett, he has provided great support to our family when one of us, my 22 year old young adult child, travelled to a secondary facility in South East Asia seeking recovery by arresting what had become a cyclic pattern of abstinence and relapse.

Brett brings to his work an authentic, calm yet no-nonsense approach, tempered with tremendous empathy and kindness.

Brett is dedicated and reliable, and is always willing to go the extra mile to support his client in their choice for, and progress towards, recovery. And should things get tough, I know from experience, Brett is one of the best resources a family can rely on. I have known him to put himself out, travel out of his way, and at unsociable hours, if necessary, to meet a clients needs.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Brett to anyone in need of the services he provides at his professional practice.”

Peter (Sydney)



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