Finding Recovery From Heroin Addiction

I have struggled with addiction from the age of 13. Addiction for me started off as a solution to the issues that I had since a young child such as anxiety, fear, insecurity, depression and a constant feeling of discomfort in myself. Some events in my life definitely perpetuated my dependence on drugs.

At first drugs were fun for me, a social thing that provided me a relief from these constant underlying issues. After a period of time I realised that I could not stop using drugs, the drugs that I had previously been using soon became not enough and my usage escalated and addiction progressed to chronic use of heavier drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin. At first smoking these substances eventually my tolerance grew and lead me to turn intravenous use. I’ve had several attempts at rehabilitation and have repeatedly relapsed.
After each relapse my life had become a complete mess. My family relationships had become completely absent of trust and my parents experienced countless sleepless nights in fear of a receiving call from the police, pain and despair become a daily norm. I was arrested several times, I had stints in the psych ward, regular hospital visits became normal. I was fired from many jobs, failed University attempts, failed attempts at moving around geographically to escape and failed relationships.

I tried everything I could to stop using drugs and to recover from addiction; I tried drug and alcohol therapists, doctors, self-help books, Chinese medicines, meditation courses and still I could not remain clean.
The only option left for me was to really properly try the 12 step program Narcotics Anonymous a solution that has worked for so many other people. Once I realised that this was the only way left for me and truly decided I was going to do whatever was suggested to me by other people who have maintained sobriety the same way such as Brett my life started turning around.

Having the opportunity to work with someone who has been through the same struggles as me and is now living a full, clean life filled me with hope. Brett has supported me from the first day I met him. His approach to helping people is catered to the individual, he takes into account the individuals’ personality, interests and goals when working with them. For me, the NA fellowship as the solution to the disease of addiction was something that he was able to help me with.

Brett been there for me through some very difficult periods such as my last relapse where he came to see me in my house, to bring me water and food, talk me through it, suggest how to get through each day safely and without him I don’t know if or how I would have. He came to visit me in the middle of the night when I was in the hospital all alone detoxing from methadone and without friends or family. Being able to relate to Brett as someone who has more experience with the same problem as me has made it extremely easy for me to build a trusting relationship with him. He went above and beyond in helping and supporting me and his belief in my ability to stay clean never wavered and it was exactly what I needed when I did not have belief in myself.

Brett helped me through the early days and months of recovery that were probably the hardest part by providing me with tools that I could use to start to turn my life around. Even today I know that I can call Brett at any time and he will take time out of his day to talk to me. Working with Brett I found him kind, caring, intelligent and experienced, he always focuses on solutions rather than dwelling in the problem and he had solutions and tools for about every problem that I came to him with. Brett’s sense of humour definitely made working with him enjoyable.

Today I’m coming up on 6 months clean and sober, I feel happy and my life is starting to grow bigger. I have made many connections and amazing friendships in the past 6 months that I know will be lifelong friends. My relationship with my parents is slowly rebuilding its trust and today they sleep soundly at night, they are also eternally grateful for Brett and his help and support with my recovery. In the past 6 months I have gained an English Teaching qualification, I managed to actually complete the course and was marked an A. I have been working the 12 steps with a sponsor and am currently working on step 4. These days I am constantly laughing, smiling and I am grateful for life. I am spending time drawing again and am now in a place where I’m starting to explore possibilities for my future in regards to employment and study. It feels good to be able to start to let go of all the guilt, shame and pain of addiction and I feel full of positivity and determination.

M.J (Australia /Thailand)