Getting the Right Help For Addiction

What is the best way to Getting-the-right-help-for-addiction

Confidential help online for addiction treatment is available for those with drug or alcohol problem or anyone looking for more information about any aspect of addiction including drug or alcohol abuse. Talking with someone sooner rather than later is always the best choice.

Addiction is progressive, chronic and fatal.

The opposite of addiction is connection, therefore disconnection, isolation and despair are very common for those affected by addiction. Not knowing who to talk to or where to turn to ask for help as well as shame, guilt and remorse goes with that.

It is often the case that other people notice things first so we offer help not just to individuals worried about addiction but to families needing help and support when they suspect their family member or loved one is struggling with addiction. They will be scared and confused as well, and we can provide family support for them. Families and loved ones have options too.Please visit our Friends, Family and Loved Ones page for more information or contact us .



Addiction affects not just the addicted individual but friends and family. Being in active addiction can be a very lonely place and it is often difficult to accept that someone who is addicted to something could be referred to as an addict.

The term addict has negative connotations and when people start out using drugs or alcohol recreationally, rarely is their intention for their life to spiral out of control.

Statements such as “That will never happen to me” “It’s just a little bit of fun I can take it or leave it” will often blind a person to accept the reality to being  addicted to drugs or alcohol.

We believe that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing. It is almost impossible to recover from addiction without love, help and support. If it was as easy as just stopping, then detox clinics, rehabs, alcohol and drugs counsellors wouldn’t be needed.

As Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

The sooner more people learn that there is no shame in asking for help with addiction, the sooner more people will be able to recover.

More information can be found on the following pages:

Addiction explained and Choosing the Right Treatment.

Because of the social stigma and the fact that in most countries drug use is illegal and culturally unacceptable, getting help for addiction can often be very daunting.  Not knowing where to turn, who to ask for help, or who can be trusted to help, searching for information about getting help for addiction online is often the first port of call for many.

The sole primary purpose of the How to Treat Addiction website is to offer help for anyone who is affected by addiction – both the individual and the family members. How to Treat Addiction is founded on compassion and understanding.



Our free resources page gives some additional suggestions however we would highly recommend you take advantage of our FREE 15 minute private and confidential telephone call as the first stage in asking for help and in the majority of cases we recommend a full assessment and initial consultation.

With many years of personal and professional experience in the addictions field we can promise that trying to treat addiction on your own without support can be extremely difficult, ,and some even say,  impossible.  How to Treat Addiction offers private, individual counselling and group therapy, proven methods for helping with addiction and substance abuse issues.

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