How To Treat Addiction | Online Counselling Fees
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Online Counselling Fees

Remote counselling can not only be more confidential but online therapy fees can sometimes be less expensive and more convenient than face to face in person counselling.

In some cases, it may be more appropriate for face to face counselling particularly when the client has mental health or trauma related issues. If this is applicable to your individual circumstances, we will advise you of this either during assessment or during the outpatient process if not immediately apparent.

Group therapy such as online aftercare is a lower cost alternative to individual counselling and has the added advantage of support and feedback from other people in early recovery so they can expand their support network.

Online addiction counselling can also be an initial step for those who are not currently willing or able to attend an inpatient rehab facility or for those in remote areas where face to face counselling is not convenient.

Our group facilitators include experienced addiction counsellors and recovery mentors based in various locations around the world.

While this may seem like a new, or experimental field, online counselling has been taking place for almost a quarter of a century now. More and more counsellors are trained to work with people in an online setting, so do not let this different way of receiving addiction treatment startle you.

Our online therapy fees our competitive and we charge a flat rate per session with discount for block bookings. We offer online counselling and group therapy online 7 days per week with no extra charge for sessions taking place on weekends or public holidays.

Our fees for online counselling and group therapy are quoted in USD and will usually be billed either in GBP or USD.

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Client Online Aftercare

Client Online Aftercare

  • Individual online counselling, CBT Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Recovery Mentoring

100 USD per 60 minute session

  • Online aftercare groups facilitated by addictions counsellor / recovery mentor 7 days per week by video call worldwide with other recovering addicts

25 USD per participant per 60 minute session (Minimum 4 sessions)

250 USD (Pay 12 sessions in advance and save 50 USD)

(Maximum 6 participants per session)

Online Counselling And Support For Family Members & Loved Ones

Online Counselling and Support for Family Members & Loved Ones

  • Individual online counselling and support 100 USD per 60 minute session.


  • Online aftercare groups facilitated by addictions counsellor / recovery mentor 7 days per week by video call worldwide with other family members.

(Maximum 6 participants per session)

25 USD per session (Minimum 4 sessions)

250 USD (Pay 12 sessions in advance and save 50 USD)

Free 15 Minute Telephone Consultation

Free 15 Minute Telephone Consultation

We will arrange a FREE 15 minute telephone or video call consultation
with one of our team who will advise you on what in our opinion is the most appropriate treatment for you or your loved one. In most cases a full assessment will be required (45 to 60 minutes) More information of the types of treatment available can be found here.

Introductory Session And Online Initial Consultation

Introductory session and online initial consultation

60 to 90 minutes Cost 100 USD

Our confidential independent initial consultation aims to provide information and answer any questions you may have during this difficult time.

Please note this is not a medical or mental health assessment so should not be regarded as such.

All sessions / packages to be paid in advance.

24 hours notice required for cancellation or rescheduling of any pre arranged sessions.

Payment types accepted all major credit cards / Pay Pal

Bank transfer (Transfer wise)

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