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Our team at How to Treat Addiction.com is composed of addiction professionals and specialists with direct experience of living in recovery from addiction, either personally, or from within their family, or both.



We can only speak for ourselves when we say that no one knows an addict or alcoholic like a fellow addict or alcoholic.


With many years professionally and personally involved in the recovery process, we recognise that just like us, each individual is different and has individual needs in their recovery. People will come to us with many different strengths and struggles, and we want to understand them so that we can give them the best recovery help we can.


This site has been created by recovering addicts to give what we believe is a much needed resource and level of support for all recovering addicts, as well as all those affected by addiction, predominantly friends, family members and loved ones.


Our professional experience within the addiction recovery services over the past several years identified several common supports that were either limited or simply not there.


●     Post Treatment Support for individuals leaving rehab. This is often when they need help the most, re-entering their families, lives and communities where they were using.

●     Addiction Education, Recovery Support and Mentoring For Families

●     Remote Intervention Services

In addition to our paid services, our intention is to make individuals with an addiction, and their families, aware of as many free resources available as well as offer online group therapy at significantly lower cost than individual private counselling sessions. Online services help us offer treatment to you at a reduced cost.


We are a team of independent addiction counsellors and specialists who work together using our connections to many private counsellors, addiction therapists and treatment centres around the world, including UK, South Africa and Asia.


Whether this is your first time seeking help or you have tried multiple times to get clean and sober, do not give up. We are here to help!


Every recovery started with one sober hour at a time, so our aim is helping you actively recover from addiction.


More information about our online counselling services can be found here.


We have worked in some of the world’s most renowned addiction treatment centres, along with secondary care, sober living and outpatient rehab units.


It is wonderful to see other people recovering from this disease which helps us all realise that recovery is possible.


Helping people recover from addiction is not just a job for us








If You or your loved one are willing to accept our help, then recovery from your addiction is possible. We can do this together.


Through our team of online addiction counsellors, addiction family therapists and recovery coaches, we are able to offer online counselling, post treatment aftercare support groups and addiction family therapy 7 days per week across multiple time zones.


We offer a range of services which can be found on the relevant pages. The next step we suggest is to take advantage of a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation.

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