Recovery From Gambling Addiction

Recovering Gambling Addict


I struggled with my addiction for a very long time, from the time I picked up my first cigarette at 13 I was an addict. This escalated into progressively harder and stronger addictions and for the last 20 years I have struggled with various substance abuse problems as well as a very serious gambling addiction. No matter how bad it got, or what anyone told me, there was never any stopping me. I needed to escape reality however I could no matter the cost to me or anyone close. I simply didn’t have the capacity to make my own decisions, countless times I would tell myself no more, never again, only to find myself going to extraordinary lengths to ‘use’ again the next second.


This couldn’t go on anymore and I finally decided to go to rehab to assist me with halting my addictions. The first time I went gave me great insights into how to live a sober life and what the benefits to that could be but I still had a few hard lessons to learn. After a short relapse I realised I couldn’t go back to my old ways and went to rehab again.


This is where I met Brett and learned some of my most valuable lessons. He helped me to learn that I am a strong individual who is capable of making my own healthy decisions, he came up with some fantastic ideas to help me solve my debt problems that I’d incurred throughout my years of gambling, and most importantly he helped empower me to feel good enough without drugs or gambling, to believe in myself. What’s more once I’d left the rehab he made an effort to check up on me and offer me further counselling and encouragements which at the time were essential “bumpers” to keep me going straight. I am forever grateful to Brett for helping me through one of the most life-changing journeys one could ever experience.


A person once filled with sadness and despair, these days I am grateful for every little thing and I wake up every day with a newfound excitement for life. I hope every struggling addict and every struggling person can find a way to feel a healthy inner peace.


Dan (Australia)