Recovery Planning & Relapse Prevention

How to Treat Addiction offers professional online therapy, recovery planning and aftercare to not only reduce but actually prevent relapse after rehab through recovery coaching and addiction counselling online.




Recovery planning and relapse prevention go hand in hand. For those seeking help with their addiction for the first time relapse does not have to be part of your story and for those who have been through addiction treatment before, we will help you make this the last time you go to rehab providing you are willing to follow suggestions and put in the effort.

Many people label themselves as serial relapsers depending on how much effort and commitment they have put in to trying to recover – when instead they could re-frame themselves as serial recoverers.

Providing the absolute basic fundamentals of honesty, open mindedness and willingness are applied then anyone has the chance to recover from addiction.

Relapse is never an accident – Relapse is a choice.


The first question you need to ask is


Are you or your loved one willing to accept that in order to recover from addiction the number one non-negotiable is total abstinence from all mood altering substances?

If the answer is no to one of the above then the decision to return to using is inevitable. How to Treat Addiction is here for you too, but we urge you to think about what substances are doing to you and your life honestly.

There are those who may answer yes to the above questions but accept that they need help in correcting their distorted thinking and are willing to listen and engage in a recovery programme. These are usually the people who choose to extend their treatment as opposed to those who check out (mentally) after one or two weeks and treat rehab as a joke or holiday camp.

For those who want to recover and are willing to follow direction from those with many years direct and professional experience then we would love to help you achieve this.


The number one guarantee to prevent relapse is complete abstinence from all drugs, and this includes alcohol. How to Treat Addiction thoroughly advocates this course of action.

For those with work addiction for example unless you are financially free it would be unrealistic to have complete abstinence from work. This is where a detailed and highly effective personal recovery plan comes into play which will highlight what we call bottom lines.

One of the tools we have devised is a past, present and future model which will be explained in more detail during any online outpatient work.

Most if not all rehabs and treatment centres will do various workshops and psycho education groups on recovery planning and relapse prevention which is often at least one session per week.

Despite common misunderstanding this isn’t just a time filler nor should it be something that is ignored.

Anyone in addiction recovery is at risk of relapse and those just leaving treatment (in our experience as many as 80%) could relapse within the first 90 days.

Daily maintenance and close monitoring is required which is something that we help with as part of our post rehab support, online counselling and online aftercare groups. can be your source of support, guidance and part of your individual recovery journey.

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