The 3 Most Popular Drugs in Singapore – What You Need to Know

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The 3 Most Popular Drugs in Singapore – What You Need to Know

Drug use in Singapore is on the increase, and the more people are aware of it, the better. While
tough drug laws have helped curtail drug use, drug crimes are on the rise. Addiction treatment is
being used as a better, and more effective alternative to jail, and drug counselling in Singapore
can help. What you need to learn are what are the commonly abused drugs, and how people
normally act on them.

Now, when drugs are mentioned, people are most often talking about psychoactive substances.
These types of drugs or medications cause changes in how a person thinks, feels, or how they
perceive the world around them and act. This can make someone act very different than they
normally are, or behave very erratically.


One of the most commonly abused drugs according to current statistics is methamphetamines (often referred to as meth or ice). The most common drug that people were arrested for in 2018 was meth. This is a drug that helps stimulate the brain and nervous system, making it move faster, so people become full of energy. Some of the common symptoms of meth use seen in addictions counseling include twitching, inability to stay still, sudden weight loss, inability to focus or concentrate, no appetite, sudden mood swings, agitation, outbursts, and unpredictable behaviour. A person using meth can often be very dangerous, as they are out of control at times and have a lot of energy. Counselling or inpatient rehab is often the first step when finding the best way in looking for how to treat addiction .Often treatment for these common drugs does help, and someone addicted, needs to receive that help as soon as possible.


cannabis small image most populardrugs in singaporeCannabis is another one of the most popular drugs in Singapore. Cannabis, marijuana, or pot, is a drug that is becoming legal in some countries, but its safety is still up for debate. It is often smoked or consumed, and provides a general feeling of relaxation and mild euphoria to people. It has a very strong and recognizable odor when smoked. Some of the other effects of pot include decreased response time and coordination, sometimes hallucinations, paranoia, increased appetite, lethargy, and difficulty in thinking, concentrating or remembering.


Another drug seen often in addiction treatment in Singapore is heroin. Heroin is a very powerful narcotic. It is often highly addictive and people using it or their families should seek addictions counselling for assistance. Heroin is a depressant, and slows the functioning of the central nervous system. It eases pain, relaxes a person and leaves a feeling of euphoria. It is also dangerous due to its addictive nature, as well as how much it slows the functioning of the brain, slows breathing and heart rate, causes confusion, and in the long-term can lead to brain damage
and death.

Drug use is rising, but help is out there. What loved ones often see is someone that is drifting away. Spending less and less time with friends, family, or doing things they need to, like work or school. Unusual behavior, combined with the effects of the drugs, can be some of the clues telling you that your loved one needs help. Addictions counselling in Singapore is available for these commonly abused drugs. You can get the help and compassion you need.

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